It's not the stuff, it's the energy that makes the space.

My talent for design started early in life, I am a Libra, one of the most stylish signs in the zodiac. I am also an intuitive healer and bring my energy awareness to everything I do. I work with natural elements to bring the outside in so that you are experiencing wood, rock, sand, fire and water in your space to have the elements supporting your energy field. I can take almost anything from a thrift store and make it look amazing or different. I can take things you already own that are bland and make them exciting. I can pull together a room so that when people walk in the energy is felt. Plants are crucial as they support a healthy indoor environment. Color is key because our psyche responds to it. Positioning and placement is very important so as to feel the right kind of flow. The chinese call it feng shui. I am ready to take on your space. My rate is based on a 6 hour day. I work fast and I can find amazing items for low cost while bargain hunting and can work with any budget. I am 53 and have owned and rented many spaces and have designed my own dance studios and airbnb spaces also. My experience comes from life, not a book, it is unique and you will be satisfied.

Level of expertise: 2 Experienced Freelancer