Passionate Decorating Collaborator

Hi, My Name is Isabella and I am a college student who has a passion for creating and designing spaces! I come from a background of designers and artists who have taught me well the value of beautiful surroundings. I greatly enjoy the process of finding items that complement spaces and bringing out their inherent beauty. Like a song? like a movie? like a food? I'd be happy to help you create a space that evokes whatever feeling or quality you are wanting to experience.

If you are feeling overwhelmed upon moving, wanting to change the vibe of a room, or needing creative inspiration, allow me to take on the work of bringing together your space! I can work with a wide range of budgets, being a college student myself I am skilled in finding options creatively through vintage and secondhand shops and or bargain retail. I like working with all different styles and genres, both accommodating your preferences and the space itself.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Level of expertise: 1 Novice