Freelance Artist/Decorator

I am a devoted military wife and mother of four who lives in a world of creativty. Taught at a very young age what art can do to inspire a person, I found my passion from my mom. A self taught artist, she painted for the enjoyment of herself and others. That desire was bestowed in me as well. The feeling I get when I complete a perfect piece for a wall, or the excitement I see in others as I transform a dull space to a room you never want to leave. From the biggest projects to the smallest designs I am passionate about evrything you place in your home! I became a military wife at the age of eighteen and a mother of two before twenty. Being always on the move due to the military, my world revolved around making my house a refuge. In each new home I created spaces to fit our environment and found new ways to be unique in my designs. I love taking what you already have and creating a piece that no one else has. The thrill of creating the picture I see in my head. Working with people who give me a challenge. Creating a space where kids can imagine the impossible. This is what I love to do!

Level of expertise: 2 Experienced Freelancer