Organized, detailed, highly creative, and have a good eye for what looks best where in any space. I like using the furniture and other items people already own combined with key additional pieces to decorate so that the space feels real and is somewhere the homeowner feels truly comfortable living. I've been 'all about home' my whole life, and prefer clean, uncluttered, bright and airy spaces. I'm an expert gardener and plants person - love growing and canning veggies, jams, and jellies. Every time someone walks into my home they say "this looks like a magazine!", and yet my family of six live in and enjoy the spaces in our home daily without fuss or worry about messing things up. My day job is running a successful website design/development company. I'm flexible and super nice and easy to work with. You'll not get any judgment or criticisms from me about your spaces - just lots of great improvements and recommendations!

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